Blogging for Business

Blogging for Business

Blogging is the number #1 method of content marketing for businesses. Having a blog on your company website is important so you can communicate news and thought to your loyal clients and also to give people a reason to return to your website to view new content.

Blogging is an attempt to create an online conversation. You post and people comment. It becomes a sharing of ideas and thoughts. Blogs allow you to express your knowledge and opinion of topics relating to your business niche. Your blog is an online journal written in your "professional" voice. If you post to your blog on a regular basis and by writing intriguing, interesting articles you can develop a loyal following of readers who just may become a potential client.

Blogs are a part of the "blogosphere" which can be loosely defined as the online community of bloggers. Bloggers like to post links back and forth and comment on each others' blog posts. The "blogosphere" can be a serious source of web traffic. When you post an article, your blog software can be set up to automatically send the post to blog directories like Technorati ( and others which catalog the latest blog feeds for people to view. If another blogger likes your post, they may make a comment about it on their blog and load link back to your blog. This exposes their loyal readers to your blog content which in turn builds you a larger following. This web of inter‐linked blogs builds upon itself under the theory that a rising tide raises all ships.


WordPress is the leading blogging platform on the Internet. WordPress software powers 90% of the blogs on the Internet and they give it away FREE. Another great benefit is that Wordpress is open source software which means you have thousands of developers creating themes for look and feel and plugins that provide cool functionality.

Creating Blog Posts You are now ready to begin posting to your blog. Here are some tips to get started.

Find your voice – Develop a writing style and stick with it. Find a writing voice that fits your personality and style. Always make sure your posts are written in that same voice.

Post on a regular basis – To be successful in building a readership or following, you must post on a regular basis. The minimum posting amount would be no less than once a week and preferably two or three times a week. A blog is not like a website where you can set it up and leave it. The cost of running a blog is your time spent posting. You must post on a regular basis.

Keep it real – Be real and genuine. You can't fake it in the blog world. If you do, you will be challenged. Phony people fail miserably in the Blogosphere. People will post on your blog and elsewhere online that you are blowing smoke. Not good.

Stay on topic – Stay focused on your business topic and theme. If your niche is business services, writing about politics or how you feel today is irrelevant and confusing to your readers. Some politician or other news item may make you mad as heck, but your travel blog is NOT the place to vent. Only post articles relevant to your travel niche.

Have an opinion and express it freely – No one wants to read blah, blah, blah copy. It is critical that you craft articles that incorporate your opinion. If a something stinks, say why it stinks. However, be professional in your assessment. State your opinion because you are branding YOU as an expert. You must have an opinion and offer advice for potential clients to reach out to you.

We're getting there. You are blogging! Now we move on to:

by George Oberle