Social Media Marketing

Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook Marketing Facebook fan pages are your opportunity to build a community of people who "like" your business. Once someone clicks your page's "like" button they become a "fan" and they can receive your status updates on their feed stream. The goal is to develop as large a community as possible of people who "like" your page so your messages gets out to as many people as possible.

Facebook marketing is quite different than traditional media advertising. Facebook is about engaging with people to entice them to comment on your posts. Your job is to create content compelling enough to readers will engage in an online conversation. Marketing on Facebook involves mostly "asking" sometimes "telling"” and once in a while "selling" in the effort to build your community. The hard-sell always pushing sales style of promotion usually is a recipe for failure on Facebook. It is more of a soft-sell and nurturing environment. Think of your Facebook marketing like meeting a friend on the street. You pause to have a short give and take conversation and then go on your way until you meet again. This is how you market business on Facebook.

Success on Facebook does not happen by chance. You will notice that people with a lot of fans put quite a bit of effort into their pages. They post every day and sometimes more that that. When a fan comments on one of their posts they respond back. They also go and comment on their fan's posts. It’s a popularity contest which you must participate freely and often to have any chance of succeeding. Post and update your Facebook content on a daily basis. No one will be impressed with a page that has three or four updates a month. You must make it worthwhile for people to "like" you by putting in the effort to update regularly. Craft your Facebook fan page as a complete resource for your business niche. We have found that businesses who fill their Facebook Fan pages with lots of information and photos usually have more fans. It really is a pretty simple concept. If you build your Fan page with useful information and post beautiful pictures focused on a specific niche; like-minded people will "like" it.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing The simple fact is that Twitter generates web traffic. For every 2,000 followers you should count on 20 to 50 clicks on each Tweeted link. Make no mistake, success on Twitter takes real commitment. You must participate and work hard to build a following. We can help you learn how to make Twitter work for you too.

Twitter UserName – When you create your Twitter user account, make sure your "UserName" relates to your business or specialty. Remember, we are branding YOU as the specialist. Your Twitter handle (name) is critical to your success. It should immediately resonate meaning about YOU and that you are a expert in your business niche.

Have a theme – Successful "Tweeters" have a theme. They construct a persona that is genuine and Tweet within that realm. They make it personal. They are not faceless. Your description—a critical area of your Twitter page—of who YOU are and what YOU do. Craft a well written and enticing description about YOU and what value you can provide.

Add a picture of yourself – This is about branding YOU as a expert in your business area right? People like doing business with people. Use your own picture whether you like how you look or not. By adding your picture you personalize your page. It becomes genuine and it will be more popular and easier to gain followers.

Add a web link – Notice that both the examples above have a link to their websites. You should definitely load a link to your main online property whether it’s your website, blog or Facebook fan page. Link to the site you want to funnel web traffic. Add a background image – You need to have a background image to make your Twitter account look professional. I load raw images from my digital camera. They are about 2,500 pixels wide by 2,000 pixels high at 230 dpi resolution. This will create a four-tiled background that can look pretty good with the right image. You may have to try a few images to get the look you want. Keep in mind it is not a good idea to load an image with stranger’s faces as you can have liability issues unless you have a signed release.

Google +

Google + MarketingGoogle + has become a very important piece of the social media marketing plan. The main reason is how Google changed how they list websites in their search returns. They now give ranking weight based on authorship. In other words, if you post often, have people make comments on your posts and you post on other blogs and websites, you begin to achieve authority. This authority status means Google will list your articles and content above other authors with little or no status and especially over anonymous articles. You will see this effect as you search for information and notice some links have a picture of the person who wrote the article. The picture is from their Google + page. When you post to your website or blog, make sure to include the REL=AUTHOR with your Google + account.

You are now a Social Media Maven! Cool. But you need even more web traffic, so we move on to:

by George Oberle