Why WordPress Websites?

Wordpress Websites

WordPress has emerged as the platform of choice for most businesses developing their website. WordPress is the popular choice primarily because of the ease at which content pages can be created, changed and deleted. This feature has become especially important as Google now puts creating new, fresh content as a main ranking factor for search engine listing results. Content management systems such as Wordpress have become particularly popular as businesses have embraced "Content Marketing" to tell their story.

There are other major features which make the Wordpress content management system so popular. Wordpress is an open-source FREE software package which encourages independent developers to create beautiful "themes" for the look and feel of your site and "plugins" for really cool functionality.

There are thousands and thousands of free Wordpress themes created by webmasters which determine the layout and look of your site. With the click of a mouse you download a theme from the Wordpress library and then activate it. Don’t like that theme, deactivate that one and download another and activate it to see if you like it batter.

Most of Max Digital Web’s clients will choose a certain theme and then want us to customize it to make it a better fit for their needs. The really cool thing is that you are not paying us to create an entirely new theme, just to modify an existing theme that already has most of the work already done.

Plugins are where the heavy lifting in the "cool" department comes to light. Wordpress plugins provide specific functionality to your site. There are literally hundreds of thousands of plugins providing various cool functions. These may range from adding email sign-ups directly to your list at your email service provider, to easy site navigation to adding easy forms and field validation to adding the Captcha anti-spam system. There are popular plugins for SEO to make your site and pages more search engine friendly. There are really too many to detail here, but the critical factor is that these developers have already done the work for you. All you do is download a plugin from the Wordpress directory and then activate it in your dashboard.

Adding new content in Wordpress is as easy as creating a Word processing document. You work in a mini-word processor or tab to the source code of the page if you are more comfortable with code than the user-friendly format. This ease of adding and changing information loaded on your website is why Wordpress is called a content management system.

Max Digital Web recommends out clients use Wordpress as the platform to create their business website. For more details about how Max Digital Web can help you create your own Wordpress website -- Contact us.